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    Peter BrownBrown Fishing Company
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    Donna Roehsler Viking Terminal Marine
  • Basin Marine Inc. recognizes Kahlenberg horns as the leader in marine horns. There is no comparable horn in the marine industry.

    Dale InceBasin Marine
  • Whenever someone inquires about a horn system for their boat, I tell them that if they want to be equipped right, there isn't anything better - or more cost effective in the long run - than a Kahlenberg.

    Griffin HamiltonABC Company
  • I don't know of another manufacturer of similar equipment that could compare to yours.

    Gary MattesonNordlund Boat
  • The gold standard of the marine industry

    Don SpringSandwich Ship Supply
  • Great service - Great product!

    Cindy JohnsonJ.M. Martinac Shipbuilding
  • Great company and great staff.

    Bill CalkinsNewcastle Shipyards
  • I have known and used about Kahlenberg horns for 40 years and have always been Impressed.

    Dan DarlingDarling Yachts
  • The Air Horns were beautiful the craftsmanship was outstanding along with the Air Horns we also purchased items for installation for 3 vessels in America Samoa. Overall support was outstanding!

    Bobbie R. MartinLiferaft & Marine Safety Equipment, Inc.