"Your horn products are beautiful and the best."
Peter Brown, Brown Fishing Company

“Everyone is polite, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with.”
Donna Roehsler, Viking Terminal Marine

“Basin Marine Inc. recognizes Kahlenberg horns as the leader in marine horns. There is no comparable horn in the marine industry.”
Dale Ince, Basin Marine

“Whenever someone inquires about a horn system for their boat, I tell them that if they want to be equipped right, there isn't anything better - or more cost effective in the long run - than a Kahlenberg.”
Griffin Hamilton, ABC Company

“I don't know of another manufacturer of similar equipment that could compare to yours.”
Gary Matteson, Nordlund Boat

“The gold standard of the marine industry”
Don Spring, Sandwich Ship Supply

“Great service - Great product!”
Cindy Johnson, J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding

“Great company and great staff.”
Bill Calkins, Newcastle Shipyards

“I have known and used about Kahlenberg horns for 40 years and have always been Impressed.”
Dan Darling, Darling Yachts

“The Air Horns were beautiful the craftsmanship was outstanding along with the Air Horns we also purchased items for installation for 3 vessels in America Samoa. Overall support was outstanding!”
Bobbie R. Martin, Liferaft & Marine Safety Equipment, Inc.

“We've never received a product from your company that didn't meet our highest standards of construction.”
Theresa Flowers, Custom Steel Boats, Inc.

“We are extremely happy with the quality of the bell and have found it to be the center of attraction of the foredeck on the new 281' Derecktor motor yacht built in the USA!!”
Niels K. Gregory, Motor Yacht Cakewalk

“Outstanding product quality.”
Steve Richard, Foss Maritime

“Howdy Erick. Happy New Year. I can only say that the horn is AWESOME! ”
Steve Kresl, Eagle River Hockey Association

“What a change! The Oklahoma City Barons Ice Hockey Team score a lot of goals. But when you add a Kahlenberg horn each time we score at 135Db. Each goal is memorable. A great addition to our game days.”
Darren J. Ransley, Prodigal L.L.C.