Mass Notification Horns (Omni-Directional)

Mass Notification Horns (Omni-Directional)

Kahlenberg designs and manufactures emergency evacuation signaling products for use in wide area warning and mass notification systems. These warning horns are omni-directional for 360 degree sound coverage. A wide range of warm weather and cold arctic climate heated versions with explosion proof control solenoid valves are available. Designed to operate indoors in hazardous conditions as well as in the most severe outdoor applications, these mass notification horns are used in coal yards, chemical plants, refineries, open pit mines and industrial facilities as well as in public spaces such as campuses and golf courses for general warning, tornado warning, fire alarm and evacuation. The largest of these are used as tsunami warning devices. They are simply constructed and extremely reliable as compared to more complicated means of sound production.

Custom built wireless remote controlled evacuation and warning systems are also available that are stand alone, self powered units, independent of any external power connection.

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