Industrial Air Horns

Kahlenberg Industrial Air Horns are powerful signals backed by years of successful performance in coal yards, chemical plants, open pit mines and industrial facilities throughout the world. All of these horns are designed to operate indoors in hazardous conditions as well as in the most severe outdoor applications. They are simply constructed and extremely reliable resulting in a very low cost of use as compared to more complicated means of sound production. All of these horns and are available for use with optional solenoid and manually activated valves as well as industrial timers.

This wide range of industrial sound signaling systems, including industrial air horns, industrial sound signal timers, controllers, air compressors, and accessories is able to suit almost any need from general warning, fire alarm, evacuation, timed work signals, and heavy equipment installations. Please contact us with your specific needs, and we will engineer a solution best suited for your equipment or facility.