Kahlenberg Introduces New Model M-522 Signal Controller

March 1, 2013

Today’s marine vessels require a horn and light signal controller that is intuitive, user friendly and includes increased functionality in terms of communicating with and connecting to external Alarm and Sound Surveillance Systems. However, many current market offerings either do not provide significant functionality in this regard for modern installations, or provide functions above and beyond this level for the largest of ships, adding unnecessary complication and cost. The M-522 Signal Controller was designed to fit this intermediate market requirement, typical on vessels from 20 to 100 meters in length.

The new M-522 Sound and Light Control significantly improves safety by producing automatic sound and light signals required by IMO and SOLAS with a simpler, more user friendly control panel. Producing automated restricted visibility codes, maneuvering codes, general alarm, and abandon ship codes per IMO and SOLAS requirements, the M-522 controls one or two horns and morse/maneuvering light, and can be configured for use with external alarm systems and sound surveillance systems to suit the needs of almost any arrangement of ship systems. The M-522 also integrates with remote at-will controls for all functions, operates on A.C. and D.C. emergency power, and is ruggedly constructed with an attractive switch panel designed for flush console or bulkhead mounting.

Since 1895 Kahlenberg Industries has been manufacturing the highest quality sound signaling equipment for use on all types and sizes of vessels.

For more information on the Kahlenberg Model M-522, Kahlenberg Horns, or any other sound signaling products for marine use manufactured by Kahlenberg Industries, call 920-793-4507, e-mail to: info@kahlenberg.com