• Kahlenberg Introduces New Z-320-SC Self Contained Horn

    October 25, 2017

    The Kahlenberg Model Z-320-SC Self Contained Horn represents a new concept in sound signaling for vessels over 75 meters in length. Using an internal, direct drive air source, this new horn is pneumatic in nature but requires no external compressed air source. Only one low amperage A.C. single phase or three phase electrical connection is required for power.

  • Big Ship Sounds for Boats Less than 20 Meters (65 feet)

    December 15, 2015

    The new Kahlenberg KB-15 is a type approved Electronic Horn and Hailing system for marine use that produces a powerful horn signal for all types of vessels up to 20 meters in length as well as voice amplification. With the Kahlenberg App and Bluetooth™ connectivity, the KB-15 Horn can sound like any ship, or play your favorite music at astonishing volumes. Included are a “black box” under console mounted control module, console mounted speaker/microphone, and a high output marine duty speaker. The new KB-15 is first and foremost a high quality device designed for safety at sea.

  • Kahlenberg's New M-512 Sound and Light Control

    October 3, 2014

    Kahlenberg's new M-512 Sound and Light Control significantly improves safety by producing automatic sound and light signals for navigation as required by USCG, IMO and SOLAS, with a more user friendly and more compact control panel. Producing automated restricted visibility (fog) codes, maneuvering codes, and general emergency alarm codes per IMO and SOLAS requirements, the new M-512 sound and light control can control up to two horns, and/or two Morse signal lights.

  • Kahlenberg Introduces Wireless Controls

    May 29, 2014

    The Kahlenberg KI Wireless Signaling solution consists of a 1-Channel Mid-range Transmitter and Receiver designed for use with external signal control timers and push buttons. When triggered with an external switch, the Model KI-XT-1 transmitter will send a 10 watt, 27.255 MHz, digital encoded, FSK modulated signal to its companion KI-XR-1 receiver. The receiver will verify the digital code, activate its output, and trigger the connected remote device whether it be a simple air horn solenoid, or control timer connected to multiple signaling devices.

  • Kahlenberg Introduces New Industrial Signal Timer

    August 8, 2013

    Ideal for use in industrial facilities or any other location requiring the synchronized control of multiple warning devices, the Kahlenberg M-700 Timer provides and "on-off" adjustable repeating signal for up to 8 alert strobes and/or 8 sound signaling devices. The M-700 timer relay is turned on and off from a separate maintained switch contact, and operates on any common A.C. or D.C. voltage. Once on, the timer circuit immediately activates the strobes continuously (if connected), and after 3 seconds delay begins on/off signalling of connected horns or sound signal devices.

  • Kahlenberg Introduces New Model M-522 Signal Controller

    March 1, 2013

    Today’s marine vessels require a horn and light signal controller that is intuitive, user friendly and includes increased functionality in terms of communicating with and connecting to external Alarm and Sound Surveillance Systems. However, many current market offerings either do not provide significant functionality in this regard for modern installations, or provide functions above and beyond this level for the largest of ships, adding unnecessary complication and cost.

  • Kahlenberg partners with Indemar Group

    February 20, 2013

    On February 20th, 2013, Kahlenberg Industries of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and Indemar s.p.a. of Busalla, Italy signed an agreement for exclusive distribution of all Kahlenberg signaling products to customers in Italy. Indemar takes over distribution of Kahlenberg equipment from Allmar S.r.l. which has been purchased by the Indemar Group. Former employees of Allmar have been retained by Indemar for training Indemar sales and support staff on the Kahlenberg product line as well as facilitating introduction of Indemar staff to current Kahlenberg customers in Italy.

  • Welcome to the New Kahlenberg Signaling Website!

    February 19, 2013

    This new website has been designed make it easy to select a Kahlenberg sound signaling system.
    Selection "filters" on the left hand side of each product page allow you to quickly specify the right product for your application. Once selected, system accessories are also displayed for each signaling product that are typically used to build a complete system.