Heated Air Horn System, Complete Scope of Supply, Class 3 Vessel 20-75 Meters, (65-246 Ft.)

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A complete marine navigation air horn system that produces a horn signal in excess of 130 dB (1/3 Octave Band), certified to IMO requirements for vessels up to 75 meters in length.

The Kahlenberg S-330-ENC Heated Air Horn provides a fully IMO compliant sound signal for commercial marine applications in an economic and compact package suitable for use on vessels up to 75m (246ft). The S-330-ENC Air Horn body and valve assembly is enclosed in a heated, thermostatically controlled aluminum housing that reduces weight, product cost, and installation costs while preserving the durability of all metal construction and the ability to operate in the most extreme weather conditions.

This complete system package for a Class 3 vessel 20 to 75 meters in length includes the S-330-ENC Heated Air Horn, M-100 air strainer/moisture separator, M-512 Signal Controller for automated signaling functions, 11720 Morse Signal Light, M-313 "At-Will" Flush Mount Horn Push Button and M-314 Bulkhead Mount Push Button.   See the complete scope of supply technical document attached which is a complete specification including system arrangement (block) diagram and system wiring diagram.

  • For vessels less than 75 Meters in length
  • Meets or exceeds IMO Requirements
  • Low Air Consumption, operates on a wide range of air pressure
  • Highly reliable, virtually no maintenance required
  • Constructed of brass, (NOT PLASTIC) with titanium diaphragm, and stainless steel fasteners to withstand the harsh marine environment
  • Heated horn body, combination manual override and dual electric solenoid operating valve for redundancy providing safety of vessel and crew
  • A complete system specification for vessels 20-75 meters (65 to 246 ft.) in length
More Information
Vessel Length 20-75 Meters (65 to 246 ft.)
Heated? No
Power Type Compressed Air
Additional Specifications
Vessel Length 20-75 Meters (65 to 246 ft.)
Heated? Yes
Power Type Compressed Air

Control Voltage: Manual pull, 230 or 120 VAC, and 24VDC (10 Watts)
SPL (Loudness) on Total: 136 ± 1 dBA @ 1 meter
SPL (Loudness) 1/3 Octave: 131.9 dB @ 1 meter
Air Consumption: 4.2L/sec [9 SCFM] on 7 bars [100 psi]
Air Pressure Req’d: 5.2 to 10 bar (75 to 150 p.s.i.)
IMO Audibility Range: 1 nautical mile
Fundamental Frequency: 330 Hz
Materials: Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Enclosure
Heater: 150 Watts A.C.
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +80°C [-40°F to +176°F]
Net Weight: 8.2 kg (18 lbs.)
Finish: TGIC Grey Powdercoat or other as specified.