Model KPH-90C Electric Piston Horn, For Boats > 656 ft., (200 Meters)

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The Kahlenberg KPH-90C "Triton" Electric Piston Horn is the lowest frequency electric ship's horn manufactured by Kahlenberg.

The Kahlenberg KPH-90C "Triton" Electric Piston Horn is the lowest frequency electric horn manufactured by Kahlenberg.  Utilizing a 7.5 horsepower electric motor to drive a piston which oscillates air in a column, it includes an entirely oil-less crankcase and gear case, steel gears, anti-condensation heating and self-draining cylinder assembly.   These piston horns are highly reliable ship's whistles requiring little maintenance. Installation costs are minimal since no air or steam piping is required. Use with KM-135-DVM-H for dual whistle systems on vessels over 200 Meters.
  • Piston horn is electrically powered and IMO certified for vessels over 200 meters in length
  • Horn construction: High strength aluminum bell, supporting frame, aluminum crankcase, stainless steel cylinder and fasteners
  • Self draining design to prevent condensation and corrosion
  • Oil free, heated crankcase and piston cylinder assembly
  • Motor is totally enclosed, marine type, IP56, insulation class F and equipped with anti-condensation strip heater
  • Motor starter (contactor) comes with solid state relay with thermal overload protection
More Information
Vessel Length Greater than 200 Meters (656 ft.)
Heated? Yes
Power Type Electric
Additional Specifications

Control and Heater: 120/230V [50-60 Hz]
SPL (Loudness) on Total: 147 dBA @ 1 meter
SPL (Loudness) 1/3 Octave: > 143 dB @ 1 meter
Power Consumption: 15 amp on 460/3/60 (other voltage available)
Audibility: 2 nautical miles (IMO)
Fundamental Frequency: 90 Hz ± 5 Hz
Tone (Musical Note): F#2
Operating Voltage: 460/3/60 (other voltages available)
Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +45ºC [-22ºF to +113ºF]
Finish: Gray Epoxy Polyamide
Degree of Protection: IP 56
Basic Dimension: 1018x635x844mm [40x25x33”]
Net Weight: 126 kg [277 lbs]