Big Ship Sounds for Boats Less than 20 Meters (65 feet)

The new Kahlenberg KB-15 is a type approved Electronic Horn and Hailing system for marine use that produces a powerful horn signal for all types of vessels up to 20 meters in length as well as voice amplification. With the Kahlenberg App and Bluetooth™ connectivity, the KB-15 Horn can sound like any ship, or play your favorite music at astonishing volumes. Included are a “black box” under console mounted control module, console mounted speaker/microphone, and a high output marine duty speaker. The new KB-15 is first and foremost a high quality device designed for safety at sea. Wireless connectivity to Bluetooth enabled devices and “talkback” functionality is also available.

In the past, on boats between 12 and 20 meters (40 and 65 feet) in length, in order to have both a legal horn signal, and a hailing function, two devices were required: a USCG/IMO Approved horn, and a separate hailer speaker. The alternative has been a radio/hailer unit, but the horn function is often difficult to access on a scrolling LCD menu, and is less than required in terms of output. The KB-15 provides a unique solution, combining a powerful, approved horn tone, and hailing capability in one user friendly unit. Operation is simple with a push button for the horn signal, and a console mount speaker/microphone unit which provides for hailing and optional “talkback” functions.

You may know that Kahlenberg Industries is well known around the world for their incomparable air horns. But what if you could have any of those air horns for your boat? Would you rather be an aircraft carrier or a superyacht? With the KB-15, you can be either. With the new Kahlenberg Mobile Application, any of a long list of Kahlenberg Air Horn sounds can be output through the KB-15 wirelessly from your smartphone!

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